Small Packages

Shipping Analysis

“There are more ways to save money then discounts alone”
Ship-Rec Logistics will process and analyze your Shipping Data and complete a fully itemized report detailing any errors you are making which are causing you self inflicted charges. During this process we validate that you are following all Best Practices to insure you are receiving the lowest rates. We identify the trigger points that are creating these extra charges and review them with your shipping personnel to either reduce or eliminate this cost when possible. These Best Practices are usually just having the knowledge and not a major overhaul of your shipping. Our detailed reporting can be designed to generate reports that are custom for our clients needs and building strategies for their future. Unlike other companies Ship-Rec Logistics will not use these savings to negotiate a better rate. You should not have to get a discount off of a charge you shouldn’t be paying for at all. This service is complimentary when combined with any of our other services.

Parcel Negotiations

“You have to fix what is wrong before you can reach your maximum savings”
We will do a comprehensive interview to fully understand your needs and objectives and the directives that you are trying to achieve. This will give us the perspective we need to achieve the goals we set forth for your agreement to gain the full savings potential.

Ship-Rec will complete an extensive detailed evaluation of your shipping process and spend. We will then determine the impact of what the Best Practices will do to your reduced spend and this amount will be your actual spend. Without this you are just going to receive a discount on a number that you shouldn’t be paying for. This along with the many characteristics of your shipping determines the true benchmark of where your discounts should be. Our negotiations and agreements are specifically designed to your shipping needs and characteristics which in turn will generate your maximum savings your company deserves.

Once the carrier offers are presented we complete a secondary analysis of what the Agreement impact will have to your service levels and your bottom line. We will reveal the pros and cons of the agreements to help you make an informed decision which will benefit your company. You will find that we will not choose your carrier for you. This decision is totally yours and we just reveal the facts.

So what makes Ship-Rec Logistics different?

“You will never achieve maximum savings unless you eliminate your internal errors first” Ship-Rec Logistics will do a complete analysis of your shipping bills and processes. We will find the errors that your company is making which is costing your company money and correct them before we even start to negotiate an agreement. Our competitors will use this revenue to get you better discounts. We feel you should not have to get a discount off of something you shouldn’t be paying for at all. Your company will continue to choose its carriers of choice. Other consulting companies insist on choosing your carriers for you. We will show you the advantages and disadvantages of each carrier so you can make informed choices. You still control your shipping, while maximizing your profits and maintaining the quality service you expect.