About Us

Ship-Rec Logistics mission is to provide its customers a competitive advantage by ensuring their shipping costs are the lowest available. Lower shipping costs allow our customers to be more competitive and achieve higher profit margins. Each year the carriers implement changes to their rates in the form of dim weights, residential surcharges, commercial surcharges, lift gate charges, load and unload fees and the list goes on and on. Every company should have a proactive plan in place to monitor, evaluate and react to the changes that impact their bottomline.

Ship-Rec Logistics provides your company the strategic advantage to reduce and control your costs. With the completion of our detailed analysis and the implementation of the Best Practices , Negotiations and Recovery Bill Auditing you are guaranteed to reach the maximum achievable savings. Maximum savings can only be achieved by implementing our proven Best Practices. Our industry knowledge encompasses any mode of transportation (Small Parcel, Freight LTL/FTL, Air, Rail and Ocean). With this knowledge you will be able to reduce or eliminate the self inflicted charges that result in your company being overbilled.


There are many characteristics that drive your costs up and down. We analyze all of them and keep you updated with our findings. Every program we offer is customized totally around your unique needs, since no two customers will have exactly the same shipping characteristics or savings opportunities. So no matter where, when or how you ship, your company will benefit from our services.