We are a full-service logistics company dedicated to providing customized logistics solutions for our clients. Our focus is helping companies see immediate cost savings and efficiencies without a large capital investment into their transportation management and logistical functions.

Our Goal

  1. Helping our customers see immediate cost savings without large capital investment into their transportation management and logistical functions.
  2. Finding solutions that work for our customers. We utilize many major carriers which provide greater flexibility when solving freight needs. As a result, we will suggest the best option that achieves our customer’s service expectation.
  3. Offer services and products that can be implemented successfully, deliver the transportation management solutions our customers need, and support our customers with outstanding service.

Negotiation Process

  • Perform a detailed analysis of the current transportation program, present findings and savings opportunities.
  • After approval, implement and manage carrier proposal process with the transportation providers.
  • Present transportation solutions that best suit the needs based on customer requirements that balance cost with service.
  • Standardized transportation program to allow for efficiencies in day to day decision making.



  • Freight Invoice Auditing
  • Inbound & Outbound Freight Planning
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Freight Data Collection
  • Freight Accounting Programs
  • Project Management
  • Specialized Delivery Requirements
  • Expedited Freight Program (Air, Ground, Other)
  • Warehousing
  • Receiving and Staging Freight
  • Repackaging & Shipping Outbound Freight
  • Operation Summary
  • Employee Training–Shipping, Receiving, Claims

We pride our success through developing the Best Customer Service for our Customers. Solutions rarely require up-front costs, and operational expenses are designed to be inexpensive.