Shipping Software

Critical Success Factors

Whether you are a busy business office, a large mail processing and production center, or a warehouse fulfilling high volume package shipments, the timely and efficient handling of all your packages and outbound documents is one of your best – and most often overlooked – opportunities for gaining a competitive advantage. Put another way, if done right, you can turn your shipping department from a cost center into a profit center.

With efficiency gains and customer satisfaction on the line, shipping is much more than just a financial issue. Operations managers, systems managers, sales managers, even website managers and call center managers have a stake in making sure that shipping actually adds value to your business. But with multiple carriers, dozens of levels of service, constantly changing rates, and “gotcha” rules and restrictions, cost-efficient package shipping is fraught with many challenges, especially if your outbound parcels vary significantly in size and weight, and include anything hazardous, fragile, or perishable.

Defining Objectives

The objectives in streamlining the shipping process are easy to summarize:

  • Achieve the lowest possible freight costs on all shipments
  • Reduce or eliminate any and all related charges
  • Easily produce shipping labels and manifests in carrier-specified formats
  • Increase operational efficiencies for high shipping volumes
  • Improve on-time deliveries without increasing costs
  • Exceed customer expectations for receipt of shipment
  • Integrate perfectly with ERP, WMS, electronic scales, label printers and other applications to leverage investments in existing technology
  • Provide methods to charge back costs to originating departments
  • Support for carrier invoice reconciliation
  • Ease of use in a warehouse environment, including touch-screen interfaces when
  • Provide accurate, usable reporting of all shipping costs and activities
  • Achieving those objectives is another matter, particularly if your shipments include international destinations requiring the use of multiple brokers and complex third-party duties and taxes.